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Audiologists & Hearing Aids in Lafayette, Indiana

Improve your hearing with the help of experienced audiologists at Hearing Solutions of Indiana. We are devoted to providing our patients with the best care possible and high-quality hearing aids in Lafayette, Indiana. We also offer hearing exams and tinnitus treatments.
Hearing Tests
• An audiologist will conduct a complete hearing test to get a better understand of your hearing strengths and weaknesses. Instead of missing out on the conversation, call our hearing aid clinic at (765) 771-7109 for a free phone consultation. You can also sign up for a hearing evaluation by completing this form.
Hearing Aids
• There are a wide range of reasons why people need hearing aids, but our hearing aids will improve your hearing in most cases.
• In order to see the best results, we partner only with reputable manufacturers to ensure that our patients have the latest hearing aids in Lafayette, Indiana. The following is a list of the brands we work with.
o Oticon
o Phonak
o Widex
o ReSound
o Signia
o Starkey
o Unitron
• It should be noted that we custom fit and program our patients’ new hearing aids.
Hearing Aid Styles
• We pride ourselves on having a variety of hearing aid styles. Whether you are looking for a hearing aid you can wear In-the-Ear (ITE), Behind-the -Ear (BTE), or In-the-Canal (ITC), we have them all.
Hearing Aid Services & Repair
• We are always happy to clean or repair your hearing aids. Bring them in today so we can have them fixed as soon as possible!
Tinnitus Treatment
Tinnitus is a common condition that afflicts countless patients. Typically, they experience a constant ringing or buzzing noise that they can’t control. There are a variety of treatment options, such as:
• Earwax removal
• Hearing aids/maskers
• Alternative treatments
o Homeopathic or herbal remedy
o Cognitive therapy
If our AuDs think that you might need medical treatment, we are more than happy to refer you to a physician.
Call us at (765)771-7109 for more information about our audiologists and hearing aids in Lafayette, Indiana.
Lafayette Indiana Office

Hearing Solutions of Indiana

750 Park East Boulevard, Suite 3

Lafayette, IN 47905

(765) 771-7109

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