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6 Reasons To See An Audiologist

Do any of these apply to you?


I can hear, but it seems like people are mumbling.


I avoid social situations because I often ask people to repeat themselves.


I find it difficult to follow conversations when there’s background noise.


I often have ringing in my ears, also known as tinnitus.


Loved ones have mentioned I seem to be having hearing issues.


Loved ones think I have the TV or radio turned up too loud.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider being seen by our audiologist. Don’t let hearing concerns prevent you from living your best life!

Call us now to schedule a hearing evaluation.

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 Judy Olson, AuD.

Dr. Judy Marquess Olson is a Doctor of Audiology with over 20 years experience, both as a care provider and as a user of hearing aids.

She is a professional in her field and can help identify and treat your hearing needs with the latest technology in hearing aids and assisted listening devices (ALDs).

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